Authors : how to get the right reviews

As an aspiring indie author I found this blog invaluable. There is so much information available it is hard to know which advice to follow. Rachel Abbott has done a terrific job of distilling how to get quality reviews.

Reviews – the good, the bad and the scams!

I recently wrote a guest post called Indie Authors—Getting Those All-Important Reviews for Mystery Writing is Murder. Reviews are important for both readers and authors, but it is so very important that they are genuine – which is why I devoted a whole post to how to get those all important real ones and I’ve decided to bring it forward in my schedule on this blog, as it is a topic that is quite hot at the moment due to the number of scams that are sadly around. If you’ve read it on Mystery Writing is Murder this is a similar post, but with maybe a few extra angles.

As an author, I love getting a review. It’s a sign (usually) that somebody has read my book, because although I know how many thousands have bought it, I don’t know…

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Mombassa Moment of Madness

New Year’s Eve 2013 in Sydney was a spectacular affair. And Reg Mombassa did Sydney proud.
photo 2
It wasn’t a moment of madness so much as a stunning conflagration that at its culmination simply took your breath away. It was so incredible I’m sure you could see it from outer space! I was the guest of Sydney City Council at the Illuminate party in Dawes Point in Hickson Reserve near the southern pylon of the Harbour Bridge. I was in one of the best seats on the harbour foreshore to see the fireworks on the Opera House, up the harbour and on the bridge.

The theme this year was Shine and Sydney was ready to do that just. By 12.30pm it was all over and now at 7am on the first day of 2014 Sydney is back to normal. Scrubbed clean by the hordes of hard workers who remove the mess left by 1.6 million party goers.

With out a doubt these fireworks were the best ever. Thanks to Reg Mobassa and the Foti Brothers Sydney truly shined!