Frog music and the power of ten

Frog Music 31 May 2015.jpg

I went to a wedding recently set in the vineyards of the Hunter Valley. It was a hot afternoon and towards the end of the evening I wandered down to a row of grapevines and looked up to see a black sky full of endless glittering stars. Only in the country can you see the night sky at its majestic best. After a few minutes I noticed something else – the slow steady chorus of sound welling up around me until all I could hear was the throaty croak of frog music from the nearby dam.

I realised then just how important sound is in conveying a sense of place when writing. It’s just as important as the visual picture we draw with words in a scene.  That night made me think about all the five senses we have to work with when writing –  to see, hear, smell, touch and taste.

I’ve added five more to make the magic ten – to think, speak, laugh, feel and love.

9 thoughts on “Frog music and the power of ten

  1. I love frogs. We have plenty on the coast. They are never satisfied, as they croak when it’s going to rain, while it’s raining, and even in the pauses of rain. Then the storm passes and never see the frogs. Always wondered where they stay until it rains.

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  2. My husband and I go camping, well Rving, a lot and there is nothing like pulling way off the road, up a river, and sitting and listening…at night the sky is full of diamonds and the moon can be so big and luminous…I love being out in nature sleeping to the sound of the water running by….to be an advocate for myself, I used to go tent camping in my younger years when I could sleep all night on the ground and still walk in the morning…LOL and thought it was romantic to have to hunt for wood and then try to start a camp fire in the morning to make coffee, hot water and breakfast…..bummer I have gotten older and have found how much easier life is with a bed off the ground,and propane to make my fire way easier in the morning to make my coffee and breakfast….however nature is still wonderful no matter what your age….

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  3. I’ve never thought about frog music haha. But this was so nicely written that I didn’t cringe at my thoughts about frogs and the melodylessness of their croaking! haha

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  4. Reblogged this on Laxmiarum and commented:
    This is a prompt and great reminder of using five senses into our writing. Thank you, also, for adding the beautiful five more magics: think, speak, laugh, feel and love! 🙂


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