Margaret RochfordAbout the Author
M.M. Rochford has over 20 years’ experience working in the marketing and communication industries. Her love of reading crime and thrillers led her to take up writing. Her objective was to write a book that other readers would find both engaging and compelling with realistic characters and intriguing plot.

The result was Trinity, the first in the Louise Keller PI series.

The main character is Louise Keller, a female ex-police officer who becomes a private investigator.  She not only has to catch a killer but must also deal with personal issues that make her someone that readers will readily emphathise with. Set in modern day Sydney and NSW country town, the locations provide a background to the narrative that reflects contemporary society and issues. The plot revolves around the brutal murder of a famous singer and explores a complex web of relationships, intrigue and betrayal that reveals a number of potential suspects. The action is fast paced with believable characters, strong dialogue and a complex plot. Like all good crime stories, there is an unexpected twist at the end when the real killer is finally identified.

The second book in the Louise Keller series is due out soon.

M.M. Rochford is also the founder of Financial Adviser Marketing, a boutique marketing consultancy specialising in helping financial advisers in Sydney to better communicate with clients and prospects and grow their business. For me details go to www.financialadvisermarketing.net.au

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