Authors : how to get the right reviews

As an aspiring indie author I found this blog invaluable. There is so much information available it is hard to know which advice to follow. Rachel Abbott has done a terrific job of distilling how to get quality reviews.

Reviews – the good, the bad and the scams!

I recently wrote a guest post called Indie Authors—Getting Those All-Important Reviews for Mystery Writing is Murder. Reviews are important for both readers and authors, but it is so very important that they are genuine – which is why I devoted a whole post to how to get those all important real ones and I’ve decided to bring it forward in my schedule on this blog, as it is a topic that is quite hot at the moment due to the number of scams that are sadly around. If you’ve read it on Mystery Writing is Murder this is a similar post, but with maybe a few extra angles.

As an author, I love getting a review. It’s a sign (usually) that somebody has read my book, because although I know how many thousands have bought it, I don’t know…

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